Middle to low income Africans into empowered global consumers

Copia is the first and only mobile commerce platform built to serve middle to low-income African consumers, regardless of their access to technology or geographic location. Here’s how we do it.



Over 1M


Over $6M

Economically Contributed to communities

The potential

Consumer spending accounts for 60% of African economic growth, $680B of which is driven by the middle class alone

750 Million of Africa’s 489 Million mass market consumers are middle to low-income consumers. Copia serves this high growth market that formal retail and e-commerce cannot reach, by harnessing mobile technologies, a network of local Agents and proprietary delivery systems. Copia provides a platform for these consumers to gain access to a variety of products that are delivered at their convenience.

We are uniquely placed to capitalize on key African megatrends: a fast-growing, young population with rising spending power and rapid adoption of mobile services. See how we’re impacting lives & businesses in the region.

Copia in the press
An e-commerce platform serving unbanked customers in rural Kenya has raised $26 million
The promise of e-commerce over the past decade across Africa’s urban middle class lies in the ease and convenience of making and paying for purchase
Copia in the press
Captains Of the Industry
Copia CEO, Tim Steel on how they are meeting consumers both offline & online…
Copia in the press
An e-commerce model tailored for low & middle-income consumers in Kenya
“What we bring is, in essence, the largest virtual supermarket in Kenya,” says Tim Steel, CEO of Copia. The company caters to lower- and middle-income

what we do

We enable people who may not have access to the internet to make purchases through our digitally enabled agents

We provide access to a previously underserved market of middle to low-income African consumers.
We enable populations who may not have access to internet connectivity to make purchases through our digitally enabled agents and where this is not possible, our frequently updated print product catalogues provide the solution.
With this, our m-commerce platform uniquely positions us to be resilient in the growing market while extending to uncovered regions.

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The Numbers

Facts and figures

Copia founded in 2013 to serve middle to low income African consumers

Over 500 employees as at June 2021

Uganda office Launched in May 2021

25,000+ Agents serve as ordering & delivery points

77% of Copia Agents are women, contributing to the financial well-being of their communities

Serving over 1M+ Customers Today

More than 30% increased income for Agents while enhancing foot traffic to their shops


$52M in series A, B and C funding secured

Delivers to 22% Kenya’s middle to low-income population

Contributing $6M+ economically in the communities we serve

How Copia works

Copia makes it easy for consumers to order and receive goods. Here's how we do it

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