E-commerce for 800 million Middle to Low-Income African Consumers


E-commerce for 800 million Middle to Low-Income African Consumers


E-commerce for 800 million Middle to Low-Income African Consumers

Kenya, Uganda,

and counting...

Copia is currently serving customers and rapidly growing in Kenya and Uganda with additional East African and West African countries expected in the next two years.


E-commerce for 750 million Middle to Low-Income Africans

Using a mobile application, a network of over 30,000 agents, and seamless logistics systems, Copia provides access to essential products at affordable prices to over 1.6 million customers.

Over 40,000

collection points

Over 1.9M


800 million


our story

Copia is the only B2C E-Commerce Platform Built for the African Mass Market.

With a network of over 50,000 digital-enabled Agents across Kenya, two million customers and over 13 million orders to date, Copia provides a seamless shopping experience to all customers regardless of their income level, access to technology, or location.

the customer journey

Copia makes it easy for consumers to order and receive goods. Here's how we do it

what we do

Copia is Leapfrogging Retail

We provide access to a previously underserved market of middle to low-income African consumers. People who do not have internet access can still make purchases through our digitally enabled agents and our frequently updated print product catalogues. Copia’s e-commerce platform is designed to meet the specific needs of Africa’s growing middle- to low-income consumers, saving them time and money.

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Tim Steel, CEO Copia Global 

How Copia Works

Copia customer using mobile commerce

Mobile & E-commerce

Copia leverages cutting-edge technology that links middle and low-income consumers to a variety of quality products that are delivered at their convenience. Consumers can now access life-enhancing products at affordable prices, saving them from travelling to urban retail centers or from simply not having access to them.


Copia avails to its stakeholders (Agents, manufactures, and customers) a logistical ecosystem that allows for an efficient, seamless, and end-to-end linkage across the supply chain. This ecosystem is also linked to global manufacturers and is bringing high-quality products at the lowest possible cost to the customer.

Data & Analytics

Copia suppliers and manufacturers benefit from the sophisticated data collected. This data, associated analytics, and dashboards provide brands and stakeholders with critical information about the market landscape and consumption behaviors.


By employing best-in-class payment options, Copia enables all consumers, even the unbanked, to transact through cash or mobile money.

Our Customer Channels

We serve our customers through three main channels:

Copia Agents

Copia Agents are small business owners in rural and peri-urban areas who are empowered to place orders on customers’ behalf, take payments, and serve as convenient delivery points.


Copia Customers who do not have access to smartphones or the internet are easily able use USSD short code *874# to buy essential goods.

Copia Website

Copia e-commerce website enables Customers to seamlessly browse through our catalogue of over 4000 products and place their orders.

Our Technology


Mobile ordering

Agents place orders using the Copia App and SMS technology. Each order includes the end customer phone number so that buying patterns can be analyzed.

Digital Payments

Agents make payments using mobile money.

Real Time Communication

Both Agents and customers receive order confirmations and delivery information through SMS.

Automated Processing

Order processing and fulfilment is automated in our custom-designed ERP.

QR Coding

Orders are QR coded and stickered to goods for scanability at all stages.

Mobile Delivery Tracking

Delivery teams use a Delivery App to confirm delivery to Agents.

Sophisticated Logistics Software

Warehousing and Logistics use advanced real-time dashboards to monitor progress on kitting and delivery

The Numbers

Facts and figures

Copia founded in 2013 to serve middle to low income African consumers

Over 1,100 employees as of June 2022

Over 50,000 Agents who serve as ordering & delivery points

81% of Copia Agents are women, contributing to the financial well-being of their communities

Serving over 1.9M+ Customers Today

More than 30% increased income for Agents while enhancing foot traffic to their shops

Delivers to Kenya’s middle to low-income population.

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